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Every month millions of students search for their school's website. Some forget to bookmark the site.  Others become confused when there are multiple schools with similar names. In the case of schools with common names such as Kennedy or Jackson, there may be 10,000 different institutions with identical names!

Listed below are the URLs for some of the more popular online high schools.  We have not listed the websites of any physical schools.  Internet protocol dictates that we cannot provide an active link to the schools without their permission. If a link below is not 'clickable', copy the web address and paste it into your browser.

Accreditation generally means that a school or program has been evaluated by an independent group and meets that group's (accrediting agency) standards. There are many options for accreditation and the process is VOLUNTARY and it is not "required" to operate. Often smaller boutique schools simply cannot afford the cost of such an ongoing review process.

Accreditation is a "voluntary" method of quality assurance developed by universities and other school programs primarily to distinguish schools adhering to a set of educational standards. But such definitions, though accurate, are incomplete. Accreditation is a voluntary process through which a company/program/school maintains and improves its organization and program(s). Accrediting organizations develop criteria or standards by which a school can be measured. It is the responsibility of accrediting organizations to audit programs on the basis of quality, accountability, and improvement for those organizations that are accredited by them. 

Beware of Online High School Scams

Before enrolling in any online high school program, make sure the school is registered in the state where it's located. The school should list its school code on its website. When it doubt, check it out. If the school isn't registered in the U.S., find one that is!!!

Most U.S. online high schools offer an equivalency test or "fast track" program. Private high schools are not required to be accredited. If a school claims it's accredited, the accrediting agency MUST be recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Diplomas issued by unaccredited high schools are rapidly gaining acceptance. Most homeschools are not accredited yet even the military accepts homeschool diplomas. A high school does not need to be accredited in order for its diploma to be accepted.