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This website is for those who have not yet finished high school. Sometimes life sucks. Circumstances and people prevent us from achieving our goals. For whatever reason you didn't finish high school, rest assured that you can receive your high school diploma online and from the comfort of your home.

You won't find every answer on this web page. Be sure to read all of our pages to gain a better idea of what's available and perhaps plot a course toward your high school diploma. Take the time to decide exactly what you need. There are several types of high school diploma programs available online.  Determine whether you need your diploma yesterday or if you have a few months to complete the program.  Only you know what works best for you!

Our Accreditation page explains the basics of school accreditation. Our Tuition & Fees page highlights the estimated costs of various high school diploma programs. Our Home Study page covers the traditional study-at-home programs. Our Fast Track page details an accelerated option for receiving your diploma. We have list of Online High Schools offering different types of diploma programs. We also briefly cover what you expect from Colleges if you decide to enroll with a diploma that you earned online.

Beware of Online High School Scams

Before enrolling in any online high school program, make sure the school is registered in the state where it's located. The school should list its school code on its website. When it doubt, check it out. If the school isn't registered in the U.S., find one that is!!!

Most U.S. online high schools offer an equivalency test or "fast track" program. Private high schools are not required to be accredited. If a school claims it's accredited, the accrediting agency MUST be recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Diplomas issued by unaccredited high schools are rapidly gaining acceptance. Most homeschools are not accredited yet even the military accepts homeschool diplomas. A high school does not need to be accredited in order for its diploma to be accepted.



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